Portfolio of
Jordan Rossen


“The Scent of Men” in StoryQuarterly (Issue 55 / 2023)

“Red Bird, Blue Bird” in Grist (Issue 13 / Spring 2020)

“Forge the Ring” in Carve Magazine (Summer 2019)

“Rock Creek” in The Chattahoochee Review (Issue 37.1 / Spring 2017)

“Speed Walking” in upstreet (Issue 10 / Summer 2014)

“The Age of Adjustments” in Colorado Review (Issue 41.1 / Spring 2014)

“Personal Effects” in The Los Angeles Review (Issue 15 / Spring 2014)

“Sensory Deprivation” in Arcadia Magazine (Issue 7 / Fall 2013)

“Dust” in Reed Magazine (Issue 66 / 2013)

“Modern Dance” in Fourteen Hills (Issue 19.1 / 2013)

“You Thrive Now” in The Baltimore Review (Fall 2012)

“Eastern Market” in Apalachee Review (Issue 60 / 2010)


jordyJordan Rossen’s fiction has appeared in Carve, Colorado Review, Fourteen Hills, Grist, StoryQuarterly, and elsewhere. He earned an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Montana and currently lives in metro Detroit. He is working on a novel.

  • He taught Writ 101 and Intro to Creative Writing to students at the University of Montana, where he received the T.A. of the Year award. He also, apparently, liked to obsess over how “awkward” everything was, which only made situations even more “awkward.”
  • He thinks Roger Ebert should have awarded more than half a star to Ghost Dad and Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot.
  • He spends too much time on YouTube looking at interspecies friendships.
  • He eats too many Hot ’n’ Ready pizzas for his own good.
  • He likes writing about women who have too many weirdos in their lives.
  • He started writing creatively in high school with his poem, “Elephants Sing Liza Minnelli”:
    Elephants sing songs
    Liza Minnelli made famous.
    Elephants enjoy “Maybe This Time,”
    but like “Liza with a Z” more—
    It has a faster beat.


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